Well that didn't take long for everything to go to hell did it? After last week's traumafest that involved the uncomfortable slaughter of Roman hostages and the bone popping good times of decimation -- the real wear has begun. Caesar has thrown a wrench into Spartacus' plans by infiltrating himself behind enemy lines and helping Crassus' army gain access into the walls of the rebel occupied city. Todd Lasance once again brings it with another powerful performance that steals the episode.

There's a great moment later on with Caesar and a certain someone who tries to weasel his way into the Roman soldier's good graces once he discovers the truth. Remember that woman who died in Caesar's arms last episode? She was avenged. Big time… And it was awesome. While Crixus begins to rally the rebels towards his motives of kill everyone and kill everyone right now, Spartacus goes nuts and lets the remaining hostages go. Look for the great scene where someone is peeing onto the stream of captives as they leave the gates. Now Spartacus is just really giving Crixus a metaphorical boss wedgie.
Spoilers Ahead
Crassus is having a lot of sex scenes lately with his slave woman. It's funny that he's so in love with this person and yet he's fighting against her very cause to be free. Crassus has been having one sexy, greasy time in his war tent so prior to this week I was really starting to wonder what his battle tactics were. He's a gross dude. His son is in the mourning period after his manboy was beaten to death by giant spoons. The kid does something really awkward by the end of the episode though and we're welcomed to the rapevengeance that the series has been known to pull out every once in a while.
There's an amazing twist later on that was so genius that I was very much like Crixus – confused caveman stares abound. Spartacus let the Romans go so that they would tell Crassus that their forces were divided. That's why Spartacus was being so kind to the people he was holding hostage. Crixus is necessarily dumbfounded but it doesn't matter anymore – rebel high-five and let the asskicking flank begin! Yeah! One thing Spartacus didn't plan for however – the greasy pirate backstabbers.
After making his way to the flank, Spartacus is betrayed by the pirates and the invasion begins. Caesar lets his Roman flag fly and joins the battle which is by far the most intense of the season yet. I was holding my breath for a record 15 minutes or so because I was certain Agron was about to meet his end. This was the craziest episode of the season yet and I'm going to be really, really traumatized by series' end. According to showrunner Steven DeKnight it only gets worse…Way, way worse. Awesome…
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